How to root Android 8.0 using SuperSU

What do you think about your latest Android oreo 8.0 device? Could you manage it how you want? Is it offer you all benefits that rooted device will offer you? Yes exactly, it does not. Apart from overall speed and power efficiency, you do not get anything that you used to get from a rooted device by Oreo version. It does not matter which operating system you begin to use people want to gain the root access like they used to do. Beta version of the Oreo was easily rootable so people kept false hopes about this entire Operating System. But now it becomes quite difficult to penetrate it. But with the right tools, you can do anything including Android rooting. Let’s see how should we do that.

Android rooting with SuperSU

This is also a root management application but little bit different compare to others. As an example, it can manage the root access of the applications. When you open an app that needs root access it will ask you whether root access is grant or deny. So this tool is kind of multitasking like rooting, unrooting and managing. The APK of this app can be download by play store itself.


Install SuperSU using TWRP Recovery

To go furthermore you need to install the TWRP recovery on your device. This is an open source recovery software that allows the Android user to work with firmware without having to worry about the safety of the device while rooting or flashing new Roms. If you do not know how to do it you can check below video.

[li]Install the TWRP recovery tools first.
[/li][li]Now gothis website and download the latest version of SuperSU
[/li][li]Then replace the downloaded zip file in the internal memory.
[/li][li]Next, turn off the mobile phone.
[/li][li]On this step, you have to boot your device into TWRP recovery mode.
[/li][li]Press down and hold “Volume Down + Power” button simultaneously.
[/li][li]Now it will boot into the TWRP recovery mode and click the Install menu –> Browse –> Select the Zip file –> swipe
[/li][li]The SuperSU will be starting to install.
[/li][li]After the installation click “Wipe cache/Dalvik” –> “Swipe to wipe”
[/li][li]Finally, wait for a few seconds until it is completely rooted.

But one drawback is in this software is it did not inform you the root is a success or not. So go to play store and download the root checker and check the root status.

[i]Final Verdict

Android Oreo is not a simple operating system to root. So we have to use a little bit difficult way to do it safely. SuperSu is the best answer you can get. Before starting the root it is necessary to install a custom recovery like TWRP. After that, you can safely root your Android 8.0 version mobile device.[/i]

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