How to recover data from a damaged disk partition?

I have an external SSD drive on which I store backups of my photos, videos and documents. Last week, one of the disk partitions fell apart. I do not know what this is connected with, but I urgently need to recover this data! My friends recommend using Partition Recovery. How good is this idea?

This program will not be able to return all of your data intact.

Even if you buy a paid plugin for this program, the data will be lost, or you’ll recover it in an incorrect format that cannot be played back or opened. I’ve had this happen to me. I wanted to return my computer to an old version of Windows. I wouldn’t say I liked working with Win 10, and I wanted to bring back Win 7. When I got it back, all my data was lost. By using this program, I only made things worse. So you better not waste your time, don’t mess up your files, and make a quality raid recovery. I shared my experience with you so that you don’t repeat my mistake.