How to provide 7 and 10 inch screenshot if you don't have a tablet?


I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 1, and I’m able to upload pictures for 7 and 10 inch tablets (in horizontal mode), but then on Google Play, I have duplicated images.

How would I be able to upload “real” 10 inch screenshots, if I don’t have a tablet? Also, do you upload just one image to the 7 and 10 inch categories, or do you provide the same number of images, as for phones?


There is something known as emulator which can be configured using AVD manager, Bluestacks, Genymotion, …

The rules are written on the page where you upload screenshots in play store dev. console

I have Bluestacks, but it’s somehow distorted, I think. I’m not sure if it emulates the real ratios.

However, I’ve managed to install Android on VirtualBox. I think I’ll be able to set resolutions there.

Is there any other way to do this?

Also, do you populate all the images in 7 inch and 10 inch sections or with only one image?


IMO, just create the graphic yourself - or take screenshot using a high-res phone (if you don’t have a tablet) - and just use that (many tablets will have same resolution).

I am assuming a screenshot can be “representative” (?)

This assumes of course that your layout/graphic-look will not be different on a “tablet” vs. a large-screen phone (like Samsung Galaxy S4 etc.).

@adforandroidapps, thanks for keeping it short. @bluedot, instead of configuring virtual box vm on your own, use genymotion. Genymotion works awesome and uses Virtual Box. Additionally it is lightning fast to bring up as compared to stock emulator.
Google expects screenshots of specific size AxB size in pixels. Just provision a new 7inch and 10inch devices in Genymotion and use your Devices View in Eclipse to get the screenshots. I think you need minimum 2 screenshots overall and maximum 7 screenshots per category in dev. console. Just cross check my last statement.

My Galaxy Note (1) has a 800x1280 screen resolution so I can upload screenshot images (vertical or horizontal) to all three categories (Phone, 7-inch tablet, 10-inch tablet). But the problem is, that all the images looks the same. Basically, if I find my app on GP, I first scroll through the phone images (batch 1), then 7 inch images start (batch 2), and then 10-inch images (batch 3), but all are exactly the same.

But if I want my apps to be included in he Tablet listing, I need to upload the images. Here is what Google Says:
“Your APK is designed for 10-inch tablets. For your app to be showcased in the ‘Designed for tablets’ list in the Play Store, you need to upload at least one 10-inch tablet screenshot for the Store listing.”

If I include only one image, then the tablet users will see that image only, or phone images also?

This is confusing me a bit.

Thanks for your help.

@javaexp: I’ve installed Genymotion, it looks great! But there is no Google Play app inside. :frowning: I don’t have Eclipse od Android SDK. My apps are made on a web-based Android service and the custom apps are made by the dev I hire.

A user can ONLY see one version of the screenshots - if they are on tablet, they will see tablet version of the screenshots. Phone users will see the regular screenshots.

So you will not be embarrassed for having the same screenshots. In any case, many apps WILL have the same look for the tablet or phone screenshots - so that by itself should not be a negative (though I guess Google presumes you will somehow try to make the app look better on tablet or use the screen real-estate in better way). My own much-more-considerate view of the situation is that putting up tablet screenshots is just an indication to the user that “this is what you can expect on your device”. I don’t think you have to feel ultra-sensitive about not having a great tablet experience or all that (again my own reading).

Thanks for the reply! I was worried because I see all version images on my phone’s Google Play and I also see them on the web-based Google Play. I will now just upload the same images on all three categories like I did in this screenshot: Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting

Genymotion has predefined VM’s for different popular android devices like Nexus series. In genymotion you will see that you can create an image with or without google API. Just create a new device with google API. After starting up for the first time, you will have to provide google account info as you do when purchasing a brand new android phone.

Do let me know if you are still not able to create new genymotion virtual device with google API/Play

@javaexp - it works perfectly now! :slight_smile: Thanks for the tip. By the way, when I start the virtual machine, “Setting for ADB” connection popus up. It says: “To use ADB connection, you should configure correctly the path to Android SDK” -> Yes / No / Stop asking me

I always choose “no”. Is this something I should fix? If yes, could you please advise, how? :slight_smile:


Head over to settings and provide path to Android sdk which can be downloaded by searching on

Thanks for the tip. The SDK is down. Which is the correct file? .EXe I tried to link probably isn’t. :slight_smile:

provide the path till sdk folder in genymotion settings. Once you provide correct path, the error won’t come again.

I thought I need to provide the path to a specific file. :slight_smile: I’ve chosen the SDK folder now and everything works cool. Thanks again.

its so satisfying to have helped you. Karma++

Users can see all the versions of the screen shots , once user sees the mobile version, the 7 inch screen shots are shown , i’ve seen this through my own phone…

Ok, I did not know this before - and had not noticed this. I think I now realize why I had not noted this before (!).

When you scroll past the last image, you see the first one (for the 7-inch screenshots) etc. (if what you say is correct). I had presumed that Google Play had implemented a new cyclic view feature so last screenshot leads to first.

If what you say is correct, then that could explain why the images were cyclic-looking.

In any case, IF Google Play has implemented 7-inch and 10-inch screenshots this way for the 10-inch users (for example) - that is a very inefficient way to show those screenshots. Since most users would not wade through all screenshots - and so the 7-inch and 10-inch screenshots are probably getting 1/10 of the eyeballs that the first (phone-specific) screenshot is getting (even for tablet users) ???

Exactly, and most of the users will be naive enough to notice subtle differences between the phone and tablet layout , i keep them the same …!

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