How to promote your Android App on Google Play

This is the dream of each and every app developer to promote their app in order to make it reach a huge mass.
But, the question arises how to do this?
Here, are some tips which will help you to promote your app :
The first and the most important step before starting is to understand the users, their needs, before starting with the line of code.
This is one of the main step before working on the app. This is the responsibility of the app developer to choose a name for their app. The name must be attractive, short, and simple, so that, the users can easily search the app.
The next step is to build a fast app, loaded with the great features, and an interactive UI.
4.Marketing Plan
Google always advice their users that, they should not invest in a weak product.
So, it is necessary for the app developer to follow ATPR rule in order to make the app reach huge mass.
A- Awareness
An app developer must be aware of the PR, Web, Search, Social, and all the * necessary details before working on the app.
T- Trial
Before making an actual purchased version of the app, it is the duty of the app developer to launch a trial version of the app in order to make their users understand the actual purpose of the app.
P- Purchase
When making the actual purchase version of the app developer must add features like notifications, web, etc. to their app. Apps should offer huge amount of discount, and various exciting offers in order to attract the users.
R- Repeat
After the app is launched, the next step is to build the app updates, notification, social integration, product extensions in order to solve the bug related issues, understand the user requirements / reviews, and compete with the existing apps of same kind.
5.Brand Awareness
An app developer must incur attractive app icons, promotional graphics, well-defined descriptive screenshots that will allow the users to download their app
By including all these things in the app, will definitely increase the brand value of the company.
Advertising is the most crucial step for promoting an app. An app developer must
advertise their app and can avail other services like pay per impression, pay per
install. This will help to get a number of downloads and reviews for the app. It will
make the app better and gives the ideas for the further improvement of the app.
BestReviewApp is a company that helps app developer to advertise their apps. It is a place where the app developers can improve their apps by listening to the reviews of the users. They support their services in US, UK, China, Canada, Australia and many other countries. Only genuine android and iOS users are allowed to review apps. They offer a platform for the developers to reach genuine Google Play and iTunes customers which will also help to reach improved search ranking. Moreover, they features the app on their reviewers’ home page, so that it can easily reach the large number of users.
BestReviewApp pay their users with the real money. They have size of thousands of users which is growing day by day.

These are few things which an android developer can do, to promote their apps. By the end usability and the quality of the app are the major things, which will grab end user’s attention.

Nice info, it will help the freshers to improve the marketing knowledge.

In my case
1.Set ASO in title,discriptions of app ( for collect correct key from googlds adwords)
2. Share it through social network
via this way within 2-3 weeks my all app get boost

Such a useful info! Thanks you for sharing!

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Thanks for sharing i will also try this

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Thanks for the info, it is another useful way to do marketing.

Great info, thanks! Useful for me

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