How To Promote Your Android And ios Apps ?

As true supporter of mobile marketing and passionate representative of Steamseo platform I really want to share with my top hints of mobile promotion. Here we go:

Step 1
Familiarize audience with your Application.
One of my recommendations is to test the application providing it users before official publishing. Testing will help to deal with such moments:

Introduce the product to audience
Form loyalty
Get information about bugs and missing features of the application.
Step 2
Ensure the online presence
It can be publics about gaming applications in social networks, as well as you can create a separate site dedicated to the program and a description of its capabilities.

Step 3
Provide visibility for your app in Store
General for the App Store and Google Play factors are: Installs (both the total number of installations and period surges), the number of launches, the number of User Reviews and rate

Also excellent way to promote it is publishing the application in alternative stores.

Step 4
Use incent traffic
As noted above, the position of the application in Google and Apple stores is affected by the number and dynamics of the installs. With the help of specialized services (e.g steamseo) you can get the download of the program, which in theory should improve its position in the stores.

Step 5
Publish reviews on thematic sites.
You can write a review yourself or pay for journalist publications

Step 6
Tell more about your application
Provide the App release to specialized publications.

Step 7
Ask users to rate the app
You remember that estimates affect the position of applications in stores. Therefore, build in the interface programs suggestions to evaluate and comment on the product

Step 8
Advertise your app
Use the contextual advertising systems of Google, advertise the application in social networks, show banners to visitors in thematic advertisement areas.

Be Star with your Application and bring use to people!!!

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