how to promote my app ??

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10 Best Ways to Promote your Mobile App

  1. Promote your app on your website
    It may be in the form of a link in the header or a separate page altogether, but you need to do this so as to let your audience know about your app. Promote it prominently where appropriate.

  2. Get your app review published on app review sites
    Though this requires lots of efforts, it definitely works. Have your app review published on targeted app review sites like Mashable, TechCrunch, BusinessInsider, etc. and get ready for the audiences coming in from there.

  3. Leverage the power of newsletters
    Reading emails is one of the priority tasks people do on-the-go. Let them know about your app by sending out newsletters. Include buttons including links to your app on the App Stores and make it easy for them to get it.

  4. Create a buzz about your app on Social Media
    This may be done by either creating a new page for your app or promoting it on your business’s page on Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Use Instagram and Pinterest to post a few screenshots from your app to let the audience know how your app looks like.

  5. Use Social Media advertising
    This helps you getting you the targeted audiences. The ads are highly targeted and thus, are effective. If you don’t mind shelling out a few bucks on paid advertising, this is definitely the right thing for you.

  6. Get your app featured in appropriate sections in the app stores
    It is important to get your app feature in appropriate categories as that will help store filters to present your app to audience who actually want it. Posting an app in an irrelevant category just loses audience.

  7. Discuss on forums
    Let public know about your app by discussing on forums. Yahoo, LinkedIn Groups, Google+, Twitter, Wiki and others provide you option to post and discuss.

  8. Create a blog post
    Write a blog post explaining the major features and utility of your app. Include screenshots and if possible a video demo of your app.

  9. Link to app to customers on purchase from website
    Send link to your app to customers in purchase-confirmation mails. This will help you getting your app downloaded on your loyal audience’s devices. You can additionally include a coupon which can be used on purchase through app.

  10. Reviews in app stores
    Well this is helpful when you have a good number of downloads and positive reviews. These reviews help popularizing your app amongst audiences with similar choices.

Remember, your goal is to create an app people want, can easily find, download it, install it and use it.


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What app promotion is actually all about:

Like I said, promotion isn’t about throwing away all your life savings.
It’s about being creative and putting in a lot of time and effort.

  1. -Build a social community on Facebook and Twitter. It takes time, but it’s something you’ll need to retain your community and keep them involved. You have to post good quality content and make them feel part of something.
    -The focus here in my opinion shouldn’t be on getting new customers/users, rather it should be on interacting with your community of users.
    -You should let users access your social pages through your app. People nowadays only click on things that are very “clickable” and in front of their faces.

  2. -It’s VERY important to ask for reviews from websites that do app reviews and from YouTube channels that do app reviews. Send them an email, or if you can’t find it send them a message on social media. You can do both.
    -Be persistent with them, and don’t get discouraged if they don’t answer you after the first or second time. They’re like all of us - sometimes we pay attention to something only the fifth time we see it. Just make sure not to give them a feeling that you’re spamming them (even though that’s actually what you’re doing… :slight_smile: ).
    -Don’t send them a boring plain message. Don’t send something you yourself wouldn’t have the patience to look at. I’m sure they’ve already got an abundance of annoying things in their life and don’t need your help. Add nice pictures/video.

3)Seek out app contests where the users vote, (if only the contest holders vote, you won’t get any promotion unless you win). These contests have application dates so you need one that starts/started around now.

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Here are 8 of your most creative options :-

1.Build a microsite. This one or two-pager showcases your app to the web audience.
2.Build a teaser website.
3.Start a blog.
4.Share your content.
5.Create a product video.
6.Get press, tons of it.
7.Pitch to app review websites.
8.Contact bloggers who would care.

Promoting app is the necessary process of app developer, the following methods may be useful to you:

(1) analyze your competitor: everyone or every group should analyze the valued competitors, which can help you learn about your competitor clearly. App developer can know the strategies of launching app by using this way, and learn about more channels of marketing.

(2) control the budget and costing: you must know what situation your app at, and know the targeted audiences of your app. Don’t try the each ways of promoting app blindly. Also, you have to make a plan of promotion in advance. Finding the right way of promoting can save your money to a large extent.

(3) have the ability of business: if you want to promote your app, you should find some platforms to collaborate, which ask you have the ability to communicate with others and know the strategies of negotiation.

(4) take part in activities: by joining some relevant activities, you can learn more knowledge of app promotion, and expand your personal connections, thus increase the channels of promotion.

(5) pay close attention to highlight topic of app promotion: learning about the news or hot topics of app promotion is an acceptable way to try. Although it has little work, you could try it constantly.

(6) build personal connections: you can invite your friends and relatives to install your app, then they will advertise it in their circle of friends.

(7) be familiar with the channel of promotion: there are many channels to promote your app, like android app stores, ios, PR, etc. You have to learn about these channels in the round, and learn relevant skills of each channel.

(8) auxiliary tools: you can use some auxiliary tools to help you promote your app, like ASO100, appbk.

(9) app store optimization: it is an effective way to optimize your app, including optimize the icon,title,description,keywords and reviews. If you have enough budget, you can collaborate with a reliable app store optimization service providerto help you.

(10)Get your app featured in appropriate sections in the app stores:It is important to get your app feature in appropriate categories as that will help store filters to present your app to audience who actually want it. Posting an app in an irrelevant category just loses audience.