How to promote my android app paying

I was reading the forum looking for the best way to promote nowadays an android app, not a game.
The only thing interesting I’ve found is this
So my question is what is the best way to promote an android app actually in CPI mode.
I’m using appbrain and facebook but I’m not happy at all.

Well, I am in similar situation. While AppBrain works it costs a fortune to get downloads there. Facebook seems to eat money and do nothing on the other hand. I’ve decided to get back to the way of promoting apps that I did in the begininning - doing nothing. It’s much cheaper. And some crosspromotion.

The best way I like and I think should be promoting via social media and via review of the app from good high authority android blogs, but they will only review your app if it has good UI and interesting features.

I expected more activity on this thread.

I can deliver up to 5K real installs per day for your app, which are counted by Google Play. This will rank your app and make it more visible for users. You pay only for the installs.
CPI for worldwide = $ 0,15
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Social media would be a great thing and also joining community (Forums) were you can find lot of people have interest on testing the your app.

there are lots of android app marketing websites such as appnext just like any other advertising program you can use this to promote your android app other than that you can create a website mobile friendly off course and use google adword to promote your app but make sure you filter your ad to mobile only users otherwise you will not get much click benefits.

Hi acuatoria,

[b]Supersonic[/b] provides installs for as low as 5 cents/install. We promote all kinds of apps, from games and educational apps to utility apps. If you’d like to try us out, PM me for a 50$ bonus to promote your app to over 500 million mobile users.

PS- Try posting this on Advertising Networks. It might get you more reactions :slight_smile:

According to me promote game is much more easier than promote app as in app category there is lot of app with same functionalities or even a little bit more but for game most of them are different in look wise,concept wise,type wise(though some are based on reskining in google play).

You can try our website,, for a free review.

It just started so it might not make a huge difference, but it’s free so come visit us!

You have a page that no one knows about and is completely new with bad design (check in different browsers by the way, some elements stretch outside borders) and almost no content and you expect people to meet your demands (log in to submit, share the site to be promoted). It won’t work.

First make your page popular, fill it with something of value to visitors - then you can put demands on those who submit apps.