How to promote app in google play?

Knowing how to promote app in Google Play is more and more important for developers who are aiming at the Android market and managing to develop an Android app. However, it’s not easy to run an app successfully. Not only for the design and code, but the marketing job, it’s not easy neither. Therefore, in this article, we listed some useful guides on how to promote app in Google Play.

Preparation for promoting app in Google Play

Test your app

Test your app on varied Android phones to make sure it is suitable for any kind of screen size and the resolution. Besides, test it with different Android OS versions, especially with the lower versions. Ensure your app is compatible with a variety of OSes.

Creating a landing page

When potential users see your app or the advertisements of it, they need to a page where they can know details about your app. Therefore, before promoting your app, you need to create a landing page for it. Creating a landing page is also one of the things developers need to do before launching an app. You can also put a video or text description for your app to make your target users know your app well. This could invert them to your real users.

Upload it on Google Play Store

Survey shows that 80% users like to download Android apps on Google Play Store, so if you want to get more users for your app then don’t hesitate to upload it on Google Play Store.

Promote app in Google Play

If an app has top ranking, high rating, positive reviews, and millions of downloads, millions of users, it is a successful app. Also, it is well promoted. If you want to promote app in Google Play successfully and get all the labels for your app, you need to do ASO work.

ASO is the abbreviation of “App Store Optimization”, it’s the process to optimize apps to rank higher in the app store’ search results. The higher the app ranks in the app stores’ search results, the more visibility for app potential users. Also, the more traffic to your app will be led.

How to do the ASO?

Design a beautiful Icon

A beautiful icon will leave deep impression to the people who see it, which is also useful for attracting people to download and try your app. Besides the icon, comfortable app screenshots and awesome app video also has a very important effect on the app ranking in the app store.

Create a quality title

According to the Google Play Store data, it shows that the title contains keywords can improve 10.3% ranking in the app store, so be sure to put the main keywords in the title.

Get high ratings

Only 15% users would like to download those apps with 2 ratings, and 50% users would like to download those 3 rating apps. However, 94% users would like to download those 4-5 rating apps. In order to increase your app download rate, you need to take the following measures.

Guide those users who have downloaded your app and uses well to rate your app.
Takeseriously of those ratings below 3 stars. If it’s a malicious attack from competitors or other people please report it to Google Support.
Use the professional ASO service of ASO companies such as ASOtop1. They can provide more professional service for you and help your app ranking rank top in a pretty short time.
Gather good reviews

70% users will see at least one app review, 75% users will take the app reviews as one of the most important reference factors to judge the app, but only 42% users will use their own judgment on the quality of the app.

Good reviews is also very important factor in app promoting, users will leave good reviews for your app for its good functions or beautiful interface, so make sure design and code your app as well as you can. If you tried everything that you could but still cannot get enough good reviews then you also ask paid-review company help you, just like BestReviewApp, it will help you access a lot of users and leave a good review for you.


It’s not easy to develop and design an Android app, so you need to pay more attention to app promotion to ensure your app will get success. After knowing how to promote app in Google Play, hope you can promote your app well and earn more from it.