How to open a new Google Play account with merchant account, if previous was suspend


Suppose I get my Google Play account suspended and I use a Play Merchant account for IAP. Opening another Play account should be easy, but how would you go about opening a new Play Merchant account? Is it even possible?


yes it possible, but not easy, you need LTD company and make account for company

Or use friends/family real account.

So in practice there is no scalable solution, since setting up Ltd companies is very expensive.

Best way is to use a friends name who you can trust or a family member . The account info and bank info should be all on their name and with their address. When you make the new account either use another computer and IP or since you will be login in and out from the account to publish new apps and for updates - use VPN. ProXPN is a good cheap VPN choice and even the free version is OK, if you want to buy the premium plan - use some coupons. As you said - it ain’t that hard to make a new account just be careful when you log in to never use the IP that was associated with the banned account