How to Monetize Wallpaper app ?

Hi guys,

because Google just ban push & icon ads, do you know how to monetize Wallpaper app using ads ? (P.S: google disallow devs in my country to sell apps)

Wallpaper app have very low user engagement, so what kind/type of ads that make best revenue for Wallpaper apps ?


PingJam are the only out-of-app ad network available now that doesn’t violate the new policy. Check out their website for the rundown of how they work:t pingjam

What about exit ad (like appbrain) that shows when the user change your wallpaper to another?

i will have to check this out. Didn’t know there was one that didn’t get hit by the policy change.

With wallpaper and utility applications that are used constantly but the user rarely enters your app out of app was the only solution. exit ads are pretty useless. i have quite a few of these apps and an exit ad makes little or nothing. Same as a banner in the setup screen, basically nothing.

Thanks guys for new info :slight_smile:

Btw, IMHO entry ads is better for wallpaper app rather than exit ads.
But I’ll try exit ads as well

I am looking for ad network for wallpapers too. Is this pingjam trustworthy company? I have read developer agreement, they pays for “active users”, I wonder if they have reasonable stats. Has someone more experience with them?

Edit: Ok I just have read the “Google Play Content Policy update” thread, there are few answers for my questions about PingJam…

While not in effect yet, StartApp has announced that they intend to keep their PPD model (somehow), so that should hopefully be one way of monetizing your wallpaper apps.

It’s also likely that other networks might show up with new monetization models soon, since as of now, the Google policy only explicitly prohibits push/icon/bookmark ads, and demands any other form of out-of-app ads to be accompanied by an EULA.

I’ve used PingJam in the past and they are perfectly trustworthy. Payments on time, reliable dashboard and great support. They just answered some common questions in detail here:

If you decide to use them I have a referral link in my signature that will give you a 3 month bonus rate by the way.

There are some ad network which are going to use the browser changes etc to keep alive with the new policy. Startapp most likely will keep PPD with that option but kill the icon. That could be beneficial for us. Startapp has been very good for me, too bad if we have to let it go.

Yeah I was very interested to see that the Browser Homepage idea was unaffected. I imagine like you do that StartApp will follow suit too, but I am expecting more than that from them.

We also still have the likes of AirPush and SendDroid who haven’t revealed their new SDKs yet. Anticipation!

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I was going to sign in with the $100 promotion (now $75) but then i saw that permissions are too intrusive like access coarse location, my users won’t like that, so i moved on, too bad because i wanted to add this network to my live wallpapers.

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Hi all,

Can someone share any new technique/ad networks experience that works well on Live Wallpapers, except Mobario?


Publish apps on 3rd party markets instead of Google Play? That way you can still utilize push/icon. Google’s new policy totally screwed over LWP developers. At least I didn’t invest much time in developing the LWPs since they’re pretty basic.

Even though push notification ads are still allowed in some other markets, cpm sucks terribly! I’m not getting more than $0.30 ~ $0.50.
The ad unit itself has lost value

Yes that is true… CPM has dropped to the floor :confused:

Offercast Mobile also offers a Browser Homepage update. We offer a bounty for every install. You can read more about our ad units here.

We need numbers, dear sir :slight_smile:

Edit: Just read in your website that if I’m from a country not listed here I cannot register…

For now we are mainly accepting developers in the U.S. That said, we could make an exception for developers outside of the US that have high volumes of traffic. We are planning on opening the beta to more countries later this year/early next year, so if you are outside of the US and interested in joining, please be sure to register so we can contact you.

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Sorry, misread your question. and it’s a good question! I need to get with my legal team for clarity. Will get back to you as soon as I hear from them.