How to monetize a theme?


I have an app just like this but it’s just a theme, how can I monetize it?

I have 1k downloads per day.


You are using Galaxy s4 name - ban 100% in some time :wink:

Ok, lets help you:

  1. Add launcher activity to your theme
  2. Application icon will appear in appdrawer, users after install usualy clicks “run”
  3. On your launcher activity put some instruction, banners and you can try intersitials on start
  4. You can also redirect to paid version

It’s all from “safe” methods

Why not use the theme itself, and put in the theme a small icon in it that says “Free app of the day!”
When someone clicks on it, he is sent to download a random app from Google Play. you can use our Click URL to do this. You don;'t even need an SDK for that - just put a link for this Icon.

Wev’e been doing this with Widdit, and it’s going very very well. Let me know if you want to try it.

and ban? I dont understand why you are promoting appnext and don’t know google policy. Icon ads are not allowed.

I think you misunderstood me. I didn’t mean icon ads.
If it’s only a theme for the background, then the icon is not possible. What I meant putting a small promotion on the lockscreen.
If the theme comes with a lockscreen, then it wil work very well.

Just to clarify - dropping icons is prohibited, and appnext doesn’t do icon ads. We never did.

That is exactly what I had in mind, and dropping an icon, don’t believe they can trace that anyway, good idea.

I have widdit apk in my apps . Can u explain me how to do it ?