How to maximize organic download of my App

How to maximize organic download of my App

No one will share the real secrets. its cost money, the good stuff you know…
In general ASO can help. Take 1 month to learn it like pro then give it some shots and test your skills.
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As the practice show the best solution to lure the audience is to make a real hype around it and be discoverable in the search result page.

The hype can be made with the help of social networks and active post publications, also you need to collaborate with a lot of thematic sites and bloggers to be frequently discussed. Besides, you need to launch highly effective content that catch the user.

Store discoverability is reached by boosting traffic: first, you need to conduct [b]ASO (keywords optimization)[/b] and installs driving. ASO is working on SEO principles where the traffic words are input into your app’s description and then is suggested to user who perform request in search.

Installs are provided by app promotion companies like KeenMobi which have real users base and implement downloads and reviews for your app for certain money fee and as result you have traffic splash and your app’s ranking position increases accordingly.

Keep promoting and be a Star!

I created a facebook page to promote my apps and then join the android facebook groups. You will see results as long as you post regularly and do not spam (abide by the group rules). Let me know if you have any questions. You can take a look at my fb page Redirecting... cheers Bob