How to market your app using instagram

Hello MMWAers! I’ve been a lurker on this forum for a while now and i’ve take a lot away from you guys. I figured it was high time that i register and give back to the community. I want my first post to be a valuable one. I think instagram is largely under utilized when it comes to marketing apps and marketing in general. I’ve created three apps so far and am currently working with a developer building my fourth. Instagram has been our biggest lead generation method to date on all three apps.

  1. Identifying your niche
    This is important. If you’re any good at marketing than you should already know who your target audience is for your app. Think about who these people are on instagram and where they hang out. Who do they follow? What tags do they use? Knowing the answers to these questions is the first step.

  2. Getting started
    Once you have created your account, identified your niche and target demographic, the next thing that you need to do is follow a few accounts in that niche and let your account age a bit. I like to keep it for at least a week before I begin to build it up… or i will use an old account. Also make sure to choose a targeted profile pic because profile pics are very important because this is the first thing that your potential followers will see.

  3. Creating Authority
    Here is the fun part. First thing you need to do is buy followers… I will explain why shortly. I like to buy at least 50k followers or more to begin with when I am going after a bigger niche. Its going to vary from niche to niche though. I use because i’ve had the best experience with them and i’ve heard from other marketers that they are the safest to use. So once you have ordered the followers, start posting beautiful photos relevant to your niche… anywhere from 20 - 30 posts. Start sending fake likes to all of these posts… anywhere between 500 to a 1000 likes per post. The reason you pad your stats is to save time… unless you have years to build up authority, this is the much quicker route. Now that you have padded your posts with likes, go on google and search “best (insert your niche here) hashtags” and you will find several sites in google to get popular hashtags in your niche. TagsForLikes is an app that i use too. Copy and paste these tags under your pics. The tags will help these posts begin to get real likes and comments and now it will seem a lot more natural. By now you have a ton of followers, likes and comments. So now anyone who visits your page will think of your account as an established authority account in that niche. The whole purpose of doing this is to create an authority profile, so this is an important part of the process. Do not overlook the social proof aspect.

  4. Building A Following
    There are a few bots that you can use to automate the following process… but you can also use iMacros if you’re familiar with it. I didn’t start automating with a bot until I was a few accounts in honestly, so don’t let these automation instructions stop you from taking action. You don’t need fancy bots for this method to work… I’ve made lots of money before i started using bots with this method. First find an account in your niche that has active followers. You can easily check this by looking at the recent pics of the account. Simply start following the people who liked their most recent post. Unfollow everyone after 3 days and 99% of your followers will stick. Since your account already has the authority from the followers and likes that you purchased, 80% of the users who visit your page will follow you back. It’s that simple. Keep rinsing and repeating this and you will have tons of targeted followers in no time.

  5. App promotion
    Obviously you will want to have the link to your app in the account bio. It’s important that you post the best possible pictures related to your niche. Post hype pictures that everyone will love. This will make your account lovable and popular. Every few posts you can post a picture with calls to action to download your app. Use graphic design… you can’t expect people to download your app by posting a boring picture with some boring text. You can go on fiverr for decent graphics on a tight budget. You might also consider deleting your promo posts after a certain amount of time so that your account is nothing but beautiful photos.

  6. Conclusion Thats all of it!
    Thats how I do it and this method has proven to be very successful for me. Yes you do have to spend money but you will get your returns in no time because if you followed all of the steps properly, you will drive TONS of traffic to your app page!