How to make an android app of a website?

Hello Everyone,

I have a project to make an android app of website. So I want your suggestion that how can I make an effective app of a website and also give me suggestion about designing. Should a app have same designing as website have?

There are some sort of best practises for apps.

Easiest way is to just make the website mobile capable (you can do this also with stylesheets, depends on site) on just display it in a webform in an app. The site will work on any mobile device. And you can easily make an app for different plattforms.

The other thing is to use any existing interfcaes, json, xml, etc - use the information to fill the App UI with that.

Two approaches - as always in developing - there is no 1-for-all-solution :slight_smile:

Also there may be some frameworks which gives you help and being multiplatform - but I know none of them

Thanks for reply. I appreciate your suggestion.

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