How To Make $300 Passive Income by Using the Android App

Android app is the one of the best platform for doing the affiliate marketing. How to use the andoird app to make the money is quite simple
Step 1. Go to the online android app maker appsgeyser to convert the affiliate link to an android app.
Step 2. Publish the android app.
Step 3. Do some SEO of the android app link just for increasing the ranks of the Google play market.

That’s all.

How much is your SEO service before I can get the $300?

Well, I’d say just by doing SEO isn’t going to make sure that you are going to make $3000 I would say it all depends upon the how good your application is and is there any use of your app. Look only those apps over the market are making money which solves the problem of the user getting a application from apgyeser and all isn’t going to make you earn … If that’s going on over the market place then I guess almost all the people are going to take the similar path.

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This forum is for real developers or even reskinners not people who take 3 minutes making an android app just to promote affiliate links.

Yes, you are correct but I don’t think we can stop them also I would say mixing of application with a little SEO is surely going to benefit the some people but once people will start realizing that they all are the … I don’t think it’s going to work out any more ! Also I think this forum needs a little more admins and moderators to keep a watch over the forum a I have seen several seo trying to spam the forum ! I

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