How to know for which apps my app appear as "Similar"

Hey guys, i was wondering if there is a way to know for which apps does my app appear as Similar. I mean, when i go to my app homepage there are some apps recommended to the user as Similar. But how do i know the opposite, which apps are recommending mine as similar?

I guess someone must know :wink:


There maybe an automated tool - however if you look in the apps which appear in your app’s Similar section, and you look at the Similar section for those apps, you will often find your app listed in there somewhere as well. However if that app is a popular app, you are likely to appear much lower in their list and so you may not appear in the 10-20 apps which are listed there.

There might be another way also …

Google search should give you some info. Try to search for your app name (or your developer name) and limit search to For one of the two apps from your signature, use search expression, such as:

"Lights of the Atlantis"

Your apps will be on top of search results, but you should also get other apps, that have your app in “Similar” section.
The problem of above “method” is that search results are often outdated.

I tried to do that for one of my brothers app which is getting some momentum (Color Fill) but i couldn´t find any app that recommends his.

How old is his game, seems to be relatively new? New apps are not shown along others in “similar” section, as far as I know. It might take few weeks, before they get there.
So there is probable other reason for the “momentum” he is getting, like the app is good…

His game was released the 3rd of November.
I did not open this thread to find out the reason of his “success” though. I think his game is getting momentum because people actually like it a lot. I am (greatly) surprised about the inactive/active install ratio. I might open a thread in Income Report in a couple weeks if he allows me to, the game is currently making $80/day with 2000-2500 installs/day, quite good imo.

Damn! That´s really good! Mind share how is making $80/day? Is this just by using ads, or this is IAP included? What networks is he using and cpm? I have about 3 apps which generates about 1000 downloads a day and i am struggling to get more then $15/day.

P.S: Your “Lights of the Atlantis” game description is not well written in Portuguese, i might help you with that if you want :slight_smile:

What do you mean “surprised” at the install/uninstall ratio - do you mean the game/app has very low uninstall ratio (compared to what you have previously been used to) - and so that MIGHT be the reason not just for higher DAU (since more people from earlier days come back to play the game together with today’s 2000-3000 new downloads) - but that (either the rising download numbers) - or the uninstall/install ratio itself is directly affecting Google Play.

I have earlier commented that I would have thought uninstall/install rate would be a good measure - but perhaps just going on the download rate maybe a simpler way to judge - since a low uninstall/install rate (i.e. people like keeping the app) INEVITABLY leads to higher DAU (as each days DAU consists mostly of veteran users and that really balloons the numbers for users for that day).

The game has admobs banner all the time + admobs interstitial every 10 stages or so. On Saturday it had 4.400 downloads and made $160!

I paid someone (very cheap though) to do the translation! :frowning:

I made a mistake, it was the the Active/Total downloads which is quite high in comparison to our 2 games (78% after 3 weeks).

I have somehow the same question - apps similar to mine are appearing in my app`s similar page list, but my app is not appearing in their similar list. Which could be the reason for this?

An example may clarify the situation:

Nearly all your users will also be using Angry Birds - so Angry Birds may wind up in your “Similar Apps” list.

However if you look at Angry Birds’ Similar Apps list - there will be Temple Run and other such apps (since they are much bigger than your app - of course, here I am assuming you are not the author of Angry Birds but of a much less popular app).

With an Active Users / Total Downloads being very high means that the retention is very high.

This means that there is likely to be high return user every day as well.

This means for example while another game may have DAU = 50% of DAU from new downloads and 50% from returning users - with your app, with a large (and rising) installed base, the proportion of the “returning users” will also be high and be increasing all the time.

For a new app, the returning users are few - since the installed base is little (think of it as a reservoir of users who have your app installed and a percentage of them will return to your app every day).

As that reservoir of users increases - and if returning likelihood is say 1% - that returning users per day will rise WITH your Active User number.

This is obvoiusly a “good thing” - because it means you can (in time) have a VERY HIGH DAU - even though your new install numbers are modest.

An extreme example - for an app with 100% retention - the Active Users / Total Downloads will be 1.0 (100% retention). If 1% of Active Users return to your app every day - the returning users will be 100 (when Active User number reaches 10,000). When Active User number reaches 100,000, the returning users will be 1000. When Active User number reaches 1,000,000 (since you have 100% retention this means Total Downloads will be 1M also at this point) your returning users will be 10,000 !!

So basically a high retention rate leads to a RISING DAU.

REALISTICALLY, there is also an ATTRITION rate - i.e. users wanting space on phone and uninstalling some apps etc. In reality your DAU will stagnate when the DAU rise rate (from returning users) is matched by the attrition rate. So inevitably Active User graph will level off eventually.

BTW - what can you give some sample:

revenue per day

numbers so that we can do a “universal constant” calculation for:

(DAU x session-length-in-seconds) / revenue-per-day

As outlined in this post/thread:

Give me some time and i will share those data, i am ultra super busy now, is our latest game TAP THE BOX launching day!