How to kill an app and get most revenue from it?

Hey guys, 1.5 days long, I made a programming mistake, that openened an Admob interstitial everytime the user clicked a button - and made the highest revenue ever (6* more clicks). Of course, rating and ranking fell down but it was an interesting experience even now my app has no future anymore (fell from rank 2 to 10 for one keyword) as there are many other apps who cover the same topic.

Do you know any LEGAL possibilities to make money with a dying app? No matter what the users say, no matter how long it goes well, the only important thing is, that is has to be legal with google policies.

Greets, Alex

if it comply with the admob terms, it wont be a problem. there are people who make adware apps to just make some quick money

Advertising, just jam pack ur app with icon,notification,interstitial and banner ads. it will prolly takes less then 1 month for people to flame your app to hell, but ull get some decent revenue.

Are you shure you want to kill the app? Maybe you could just remove some of the ads and your rank will rise again?

Maybe there is someone willing to buy your app.

Just re-publish the app?

Recently I tried releasing a new app with Appwiz, StartApp, and mobileCore all integrated (only enabled a couple at a time, so two EULAs would popup on first app launch). Plus an AppBrain exit ad (no EULA required).

I thought this was over the top for sure, and people wouldn’t like the EULAs, let alone the ads. But I tried it anyway as an experiment. Surprisingly, this app now has 14k+ downloads and an average rating of 4.4. Out of 70 comments I have yet to receive a single complaint about the ads.

Downloads have dropped dramatically over the past couple of weeks. But still, I made a few hundred dollars while it was in the trending lists for a few countries. So if you want an easy way to monetize new users - maybe try search monetization from the companies I mentioned above.

To monetize existing users, push notifications seem to be the most profitable way. I’ve had good results with TapContext recently (although they seem to be mainly promoting App Armor at the moment, I hope they get more campaigns running for long-term viability). Combining this with Airpush, SendDroid and LeadBolt notifications might be a good way to squeeze some dollars out of your app (and destroy the user experience, mind you!)

Of course, there’s another alternative. Build great features, keep releasing updates, and make your users happy. Make a popup asking them for ratings, watch the positive feedback pour in, and your app will shoot up the charts until you become a multi-millionaire. Maybe :slight_smile:

david, your experiments are not experiments but secret tips to make money.

Your most expensive app on play store is the best proof of what I said above.

Well i had a similar experience with an app that had built in aggressive advertising from its initial release. Not one single bad review yet out of about 11.5k downloads.

But i replaced some advertising in an app with a bit more aggressive form and the reviews went bad very quickly and downloads followed until i removed it.

Moral of the story is that people tend to deal with an app as it is if they really want it. Initial release is the level of ads you set for the apps lifetime. You can change ad groups but don’t change how the ads work in the app. If you up the level of aggressiveness on them it will prob turn out badly for you in the end.

Well depending on the amount of users you could make a quick buck for a short time.

I did one thing - I added startapp SDK (there were already full screen ads in app). Over 9 days rating dropped only -0.24, but daily revenue is 3-4 times higher.

The average user will eat everything you feed him. In a short term.

It all depends on the quality and function of your app.

If for example you have the following:

App1 which is a novelty to most users.

App2 which fulfills a real need for many users.

App1 will get away with your typical ad set up (Banners and Ints), maybe get away with StartApp too or something without hurting the ratings/downloads too much.

App2 would get away with a lot more ad units as it is of more value to the user, has more content and thus is worth the hassle.

You will also get more positive reviews with App2 than App1 as your users will generally have more things to think about in app2 in a review perspective.
That’s how I’ve found things work on Android anyway.

Same here. The problem is that user install those antivirus app and detected aggressive ads as virus. This will lead to increasing bad reviews over time. Amazing is that I have seen one app rank top even got 1000+ negative ratings out of 2600 5 star ratings. It is super aggressive as well.

If your app is for religious prayers and beliefs and you add push/icon ads then believe me users are going to bombard you with negative reviews.
So it all depends upon the app and niche.