How to Increase your App Visibility with ASO

Data shows that, over 65% of downloads come directly from a search on the app stores, the more people your app reaches, the easier of app downloads increases. ASO is a process of increasing app visibility. Follow the following methods to increase your app visibility with ASO.

Select the right keywords
You should start from preparing a list of relevant keywords also considering the keywords that are being targeted by your competitive apps. You can target low competition and low traffic keywords at th first stage. Following that you can optimize further for more competitive keywords when you get good number of positive reviews and downloads. Be remember to constantly tracking your own keywords and the movement of your competitors.

Optimize App Title
Once you choose the right keywords, that makes it easier to choose the right name for your app. If you already have an app name/title, you can always update it with your newly found keywords, because your app ranking will be improved by 10.3% by placing the keywords in your app title.

Complete App listing
The elements like app icon, screenshots of the app, etc play an important role as these help in convincing the users to download the app after visiting the page. App icon is a significantly important element as it is the first thing that user sees before reading anything else. It should instantly represent what the app is all about.

Optimize app description (Google Play)
The keywords in your app description on the App Store don’t factor into your keyword rankings for nowadays, but it’s important for Google Play.You should place 8~12 keywords in the description, which are beneficial to increase your app ranking.

Get app ratings and reviews
App stores algorithm look at ratings and reviews from users to determine how visible your app should be to other consumers. Those with positive and enthusiastic reviews have a higher position in the search results.When talking about visibility and discovery, ratings and reviews are a factor in searches as part of the metadata. Gaining reviews and ratings gives you feedback about what works and what needs improvement, while also helping you to get found.

Hope those methods are useful to u.

App store optimization (ASO) is a key component of your app succeeding. It is an effective promotion search tool in Google Play and App Store. The lack of optimization can risk not being seen by the target users, while your competitors do whatever they can to help their apps climb the ranks of App Store and Google Play.

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