How to improve your App ranking without spending a penny

The higher your app ranked in App stores, the more money you will earn from it. Here are the best tips to improve app keyword rankings in the App stores. Read the following to get the details.

Target keywords with low competition and lower search volumes first
Use keyword research tools to find out keywords that have lower search volume and lower competition and rank well for those.

Optimize app
App Title:Make sure that your app the title has the primary keyword in it. This will help in improving your app’s search-ability. It helps improves the chances of your app being found in the searches.

App Description:Your app’s description should be short and powerful. It should have the relevant and best matching keywords inserted uniformly and in the right density.

Choose categories which describe the core function of your app
The App stores search algorithm also looks at categories while displaying results to users. While choosing categories, focus on the core functionality of your app and not on the secondary functions.

App Reviews on Blogs /Review Sites
Get as many bloggers and journalists to review your app and post it on their blogs and link it to the App stores from there.

Ask ratings and reviews from happy users
Reviews and ratings play very important role in how an app is perceived by users, and also by App stores. A study found that all else being equal, 59% users will download apps with high ratings and positive reviews. You can guide your users leave positive reviews and 4/5-star ratings on your app, of course you can also buy app ratings and reviews from third parties.

Submit your App Everywhere
For Android, Google is not the only App store available.There are over 50 stores worldwide including AmazonApp Store. Make sure you that you submit your app everywhere.

Create Hype/PR

This is the trickiest but can prove most effective. Get influencers to talk about your app. Get some big sites to cover your app. Hype alone can give you hyper growth in initial phase. Just network.

Monitor keyword ranking regularly
Like with websites, keep an eye on the rankings of your keywords, as well as any new keywords that might pop up. You can use the app intelligence tools mentioned in the above point to track your keywords, and keep adding new keywords or removing older ones while staying within the 100 character limit.


Only 31% of app revenues come from North America, while 41% comes from Asia.If your app listing is only in English you will be locking your app out from a vast chunk of mobile users worldwide. So make sure to localize your app in countries and languages your app supports. Because app localization is the process of adapting your app to a particular language and culture, which will help to boost app ranking and increase maximum downloads on mobile devices.

Use trending topics as keywords
You should consider using trending topics as keywords.

App Reviews on Blogs /Review Sites
Get as many bloggers and journalists to review your app and post it on their blogs and link it to the App stores from there.

This is fairly easy to accomplish… search for android app blogs and post on them. I have a public blog/forum that allows users to promote their projects… try adding to mine as well. Its not real big or well known but it will be a backlink to you, for free.

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