How to hide apps on Android without ROOT

Privacy is a major concern in today’s web industry. All Major Tech industries and web portals are serious about privacy. Individually, we all take privacy very seriously. Therefore, developers are trying to bring us apps that make sure our files remain private and safe from prying eyes of strangers.

What can PrivateMe hide?

PrivateMe comes with tons of customization for the hiding features. Firstly PrivateMe can hide apps of almost all 3rd party. While hidden in PrivateMe, the data generated by these hidden apps will not be reached by other apps. At the same time, PrivateMe also can hide apps from your launcher, recent Apps list, App management in system settings and any other app trace on your phone system. Moreover, you can manage the notification of hidden apps. Secondly PrivateMe also can hide pictures, screenshot and other media files on the phone.

Here is the video to guide you how to hide apps on Android with PrivateMe – from YTECHB

Download link:

i tried to do this but dont work( or I did something wrong

really it works well, thanks to the author for the utility


1.After applying Go Launcher, open your Apps Menu Screen/Drawer.
2.Tap on three Vertical Lines at the Left bottom of screen.
3.Then select “Hide app”.
4.Now, just mark the apps visible to hide them from others.
5.After selecting the apps, Tap on “OK”.
6.After adding your apps, if you forgot some of the applications.