How to go up in Play rankings

Hello guys,

Now, we have several apps in Google Play and every app ranks for main keyword somewhere around 200 positions. And now Im asking myself how can I go up in rankings for those keywords from 200 to 30 place? In SEO industry, link building helps and fresh content...but whats in Google Play? There must be some catch?

Thank you for any advice.

Here is the sekrit formula. Sssshhh!!! Don’t tell anyone!!!

Step 1) Get a job working for Google in the App indexing and Search team
Step 2) Read and understand the source code
Step 3) …
Step 4) Profit!!!

Seriously though… nobody here knows exactly what Google does to index apps. Anyone offering to do ASO for you and telling you they can guarantee performance is lying and just trying to con you out of your hard earned money.

Google changes their algorithms almost constantly. So, it’s hard to predict what will happen.

Top rule , keep promoting your apps in every channel you have social media, paid ads, blogs etc. Every download affects your ranking in a small way on Google Play.

Also If lots of users install and quickly uninstall your app, Play store engine will know that app isn’t good and this will greatly affect the ranking. Kinda obvious though, installs will improve ranking and uninstall will work against it.

As you stated at SEO link building and fresh content affect rankings and everyone in SEO industry keep their eyes and ears to Matt Cutts updates in order to plan their strategies. This is because the google search engine ranking algorithm is a top secret and everyone in the industry follows some best practices and then go with the trial and error approach.

The same goes by for the google playstore ranking algorithm follow some best practices like creating stunning icon, killer app store description, great app screenshots. Then do experiments with keywords, promote your app through marketing channels etc and track the results with an app ranking analytics service like See what is working and stick to it.

Because i mentioned earlier Matt cuts, here are some words of the person that you should keep your ears to:

“At the end of the day, nothing substitutes a very good user experience for your app,” - Ankit Jain , head of search and discovery for Google Play

ccdev: thank you for great post!

Increase update regularly(weekly or monthly),adding more features,reviews,install and g+ and aso(back links from high authority sites,review site or guest post).

Hi there, link building is also useful for increasing app ranking on the Play Store, Like SEO for normal sites, more internal link to your app page will help in improved ranking.

Here are some other methods to boost your app ranking on the Play Store:

Get the Right Keywords
Keywords play a very important role in SEO and so do they in Google Play Store’s ranking algorithm too. Follow these 3 key tips when choosing your keywords:
[li]Look for keyword relevant to your app[/li][li]Choose keywords with lower difficulty scores[/li][li]Choose keywords having highest traffic scores[/li][/ul]
You can target keywords with low competition and lower Search volumes firstly, which are much easier to rank for.

Place the keywords in the right keywords to boost app ranking
To increase app ranking on the Play Store, you should place the keywords in the following text fields which impact search:
[li]Keywords field[/li][li]App Title - which can increase the app ranking by 10.3.[/li][li]App Short description - In Google Play Store, the short description of an app has a strong effect on the ASO in keywords rankings and conversion rate.[/li][li]App Description - In this field you have to include all the keywords of your app, combined with a powerful call-to-action.[/li][/ul]
Get app reviews and ratings
App reviews and Ratings are gaining more and more importance in terms of app ranking boost.Those apps which have much more positive reviews and 4/5-star ratings rank much higher than others, what’s more, most people prefer to download an app which has much more positive reviews and 4/5-star ratings, and 88% users trust reviews as much as personal recommendations, users will be convinced when they see your app have gained many positive reviews from your former or existing users and choose your app. The more downloads your app has, the more chances it has of being in the top search results.

Social Factors and Benefits
Google Play store uses +1’s to recommend apps to users among different categories. Having more +1’s recommendation increases your chance of being shown in the search box.

Hope those methods are useful to you.

Primly you need to input the relevant and trend keywords which will largely generate traffic for your app while user is performing search request. In other words conduct [b]quality ASO [/b](the same as SEO for site).

Then you need to continue the optimization of your app via keyword installs (keywords which were inputted to your app). So you will increase the ranking and boost significant amount of traffic which allow you to be visible for organic users and get a whole lot of organic installs accordingly.

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To get top 30 - you do need to conduct ASO(the same as SEO, but limited in Store), it means you need to order the procedure of traffic and trendy keywords which are needed to be input in your app and after boost keyword install campaign in order your app be downloaded by keywords in search app page. It will make your app visible and organic users will have desire to try it.

Also it is recommended to care about the app’s design - as the users are picture persons by their nature and can judge your app by icon and screen shorts.

Then provide a bulk of installs - this will make a lot of traffic and will affect on its dynamics -your app will be ranking higher and it will raise your app visibility and encourage the organic users to download your app. To deal with this issue you can order installs from seasoned professionals [b]KeenMobi[/b].

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