How to go about learning how to write apps?

I have programmed in C++ and I know java.
How will I go about learning how to write profitable apps? I have been trying to find tutorial examples mostly and just bought these two books

The Android Developer’s Cookbook: Building Applications with the Android SDK (Developer’s Library) [Kindle Edition]

Android for Programmers: An App-Driven Approach (Deitel Developer Series) [Kindle Edition]

are these good books? I have all summer to code but I want to at least make $20 per month doing apps for a start since my bank fee is $15 per month.

Well it’s always a guess if your app will get any profit at all. So there is no guarantee you will be making $20 per month. My advise is not to go for the profit, because you can get very disappointed.

Try watching these YouTube videos. I learn most of my programming from him. He’s a amazing teacher, he’s better than anyone i have had at a university( Except 1 teacher).

I reckon going for profit is achievable, but the timeframe is variable. You might strike it good with the first app, but it could be 6 months or more (like it was for me). Or it could be even longer. As an independent developer, it’s nearly impossible to predict what sort of revenue you’ll get - until you try it.

I’d second what @Konja said - The New Boston video tutorials are a great resource for learning Android development. With those two books, the video series, and Google’s Android tutorials, you should have more than enough material to get started.

The main thing is just to start writing apps - you’ll learn a lot from the process of actually building an app. I’d suggest don’t worry about making a profit from your first few - just focus on learning the process. Once you’re comfortable with building apps, then you can start thinking about how to monetize them better.

If you focus on the money-making side too early, you’ll end up making a terrible app with too many ads, and nobody will ever use it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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