How to get people to download your app?

Building an app is just the beginning of your journey in mobile development. Be ready to spend some money on [b][i]app store optimizatio[/i][/b]n and visibility in Store.

The app developers endeavor to make their application achieve the most elevated spot in App Store and Google Play. One strategy is by making utilization of a CPI (Cost-Per-Install) Campaign.

The app installs boosting guarantees you reaching visible position and being in the front of users’ eye. So try to drive installs for your app in order to provide visible position for your app.

KeenMobi always encourages the clients to budget for the on-going costs of maintenance once their app has launched. It is just as important as the launch itself.

Build a great mobile app is hard, but how to promote it effectively is harder. Having great marketing tactics is very important for merchants to make customers download and use the app to purchase online. Selecting the right way to for the mobile app marketing will help merchants raise customer’s awareness and boost sales. Here are some tips for you guys:

1.Have a plan for mobile app marketing
The first step you need to do is having the plan to launch a mobile app. Your plan can include customer touch points analysis, competitor analysis, media review for app launch, etc. All of these activities should be planned to support for apps marketing. A clear mobile app marketing plan also helps your app to be ranked higher in App Store or Google Play because you have preparation to allocate assets and resources to promotion. As a result, your mobile app will have sustained rate of download and get a higher ranking.

  1. Choose the right name for mobile app
    Choosing the right name for a mobile app is really important. The name must be unique, memorable and related to the content of the mobile app. The app name should include the most important keywords that customers will search for. Make sure that your app name has not been used for any mobile app on the app market, otherwise, your mobile app will be removed. An attractive name will impress your customers and make them download it on App Store or google Play.

  2. Don’t forget social marketing for mobile app
    Social media is a strong tool for mobile app marketing. Social media can reach many people over the world with the development of the internet and technological products like a tablet, smartphones. Nowadays, customers can access information through search engines, social media like Facebook, Tweeter. In order to promote mobile apps by using social media, there are some suggestions:

The combination of page promoted posts & sponsored stories targeted to mobile news feeds.
Use sharing on your app: Customers can easy to share your mobile app content for many people and it helps to increase customer’s awareness.
Spending time for creative post and link your app to promote effectively

  1. Have a mobile app review sites
    Reviews will impact app store rankings and be brought into search results so customers can see it. A good review will help your apps get a higher rating and attract more customers to download and use it.

In conclusion, mobile app marketing is very important to help merchants to launch and promote apps effectively. With four tips above, apps marketing become easier for merchants to bring their apps to customers and get more download and purchase the apps.

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ASO is All Importance
. The valuable aspect of app promotion is [b]ASO[/b], which means SEO for mobile applications. Think like your target audience while searching for the app of your type and according to the received insight select keywords and name. With various service providers like MoPeak you can increase your chances for wider audience.

Also think properly regarding visual elements optimization - they play decent role in user’s attitude to your app.The better, colorful and unique design of your app - you will be in front of user attention and have a lot of chances to get tons of organic installs and revenue accordingly.:eek:

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