How to get more high app ratings

Data shows that 12% users will download the app with 1 star, 15% users will download 2 star, and 50% about 3 star. But for the apps with 4 star, download rate is as high as 96%, 100% for 5 star. That is to say, 90% won’t download the app when see it only have 1 star ratings and reviews. So it is easy to see how important app rating is. But according to the research, only 5~10 users will leave ratings. And half of them leave low ratings because they feel unsatisfied with this app. So for app developers, it is difficult to get high app ratings from users directly. But it is important to gain high app ratings.

High app ratings not only can help increase app downloads, but also can help boost app ranking.

And today I will share you some methods which can help you get more high app ratings.

[li]A good app without any bugs will offer a good experience to users. When users have good experience, they will give high rating. So developers should complete your app functions aiming at users’ demands and solve all the trouble of it. What’s more, keep this step continuously, which will help you gain high app ratings.[/li][li]The most effective way to get high app ratings is to [b]buy app ratings[/b] from professional companies and request them to offer high app ratings. They can provide 5-star ratings and installs are provided by real users. It’s cost-effective and helps you achieve this goal in a short time.[/li][li]Developers can ask friends and families help to give high app ratings. After launching the app on app stores, just ask them to register several accounts on different app stores. And they can also advertise it to other people.[/li][li]There are many forums can provide app developers a platform where they can exchange high app ratings with other developers. This is a useful methods, but it takes a lot of time. If you have enough time and energy, you can use this way[/li][li]For some developers, it’s little difficult for them to get high app ratings from users. If you are one of them, don’t worry, there is also another useful tip for you to get high app ratings. You can provide some rewards for users in order to attract them give high ratings. Although some of them might be not satisfied with your app, they will still give 5-star ratings because of the rewards.[/li][/ol]

Above are some methods which can help get more high app ratings, you can have a try~

Hi Mangosix, I´m not quite sure what you mean by only 5~10 users will leave ratings¨. Do you mean percentage? That is a shockingly low number!

Thanks for sharing.

Sorry, I mean 5~10% users will leave rating. Not 5~10 users. I forget to add the %.

State clearly that you offer iOS service, not android.

For Android service, please look at Reviewapp4u, here we have Android app reviews and ratings.