How to get 1000+ downloads every day?

Well,I am good in coding but damn bad in marketing.Can anyone here suggest me to promote an app (game) which will get 1000 downloads/day atleast for 1 month after campaigning.As i have heard many people talking here that they get around 200 downloads/day to 3000 downloads/day.

what type of apps are you developing ?

casual/puzzle games

Then you should target some popular keywords , Also Graphics and your market listing is the most important thing

can you please elaborate?

Or if you are good at coding as you mentioned, invest bit more time and creating something unusual and engaging, market is so over saturated with simple apps.

actually I have one cool app but I just want to learn android market first. Because i have seen that when any new app with new idea is launched. Within few days we can see lots of reskin version of that app.

Thats not fully true, because if you will invest your time in some big and quality app/game (obviously it comes with risk of wasted time if failed) its not so easy to create resins/copies of idea so fast, and till this time you might gain strategic advantage - position. Well known fact is, that most copies/re-skins comes from smaller apps (although bigger apps got them as well, but it requires much more effort)

ok!!I understand,I will create and publish my this app asap.Thank you for sharing knowledge !!:slight_smile:

I want to know how to get 1000+ downloads every day too!

i marketing my app free. Because i have website with daily 10.000 android visitor…

So people searching keyword on google with their mobile phone. And i putting my google play AD , i got install and rating for free.

so i reaching 2-3k daily install.

If you don’T have android traffic , you can buy ad spaces

i can’t believe no one suggested this. spend $1000/day on marketing and you will get 1000 downloads :smiley:

Agree with Matt, If you spent remarkable time in designing/developing/testing you app. it is not easy to clone your app that soon. I developed/published a App few days back and without putting much effort in marketing, i am getting downloads between 2k-3k daily. but i spent lots of time in developing and testing it with various devices.

Your users who download and use your APP first time, they play very important role in indirect marketing of your App/Game. MIND IT !!!

Data show that over 75% users download an app by searching in the app stores, so you can boost your app ranking in the app stores to boost app downloads.
And the most effective way to boost app ranking isbuying keyword search installs, which can boost app ranking in 8~10 hours,then 1000+ downloads a day is an easy thing, and it will not cost you too much.