How to gain app installs for your app

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Increase app installs is one of the targets app developers want to achieve, because app installs can help boost app ranking in the app store, and also can make developers make money from it. So it is very important to gain more app installs. So today I want to talk about how to gain more app installs for your app.

Make more people know your app through advertising
Lets you target people specifically by demographics and interests, ensuring that the most likely users of your app will see your ads. With a Facebook ad campaign you can fine-tune the audience, control ad spend, and schedule, pause or stop it anytime you want.

Make more people download it through time-limited free
This means app developers turn paid apps to free for several days because free app ranking is always higher than that of paid. If your app is paid, you can choose this way to attract users install and boost app ranking. While if your app is free, you also can utilize time-limited free. At this time, you can change in-app purchases to free during a certain period.

Attractive potential users through forums promotion
Forum promotion is a cost-effective way to popularize your app. In this step, you need to attract a great number of followers by various articles. Then add your app link in articles and signature, which will not cost much money. But it’s a long time fight, you need persist.

Keywords search installs
Keyword search install will include the usage of certain keywords which users are going to type while searching for an app. Keyword install will ensure that your app is popped up in the top list.[b]Buy app installs[/b] is the most efficient way to boost the keyword ranking, about 8~10 hours, your app ranking will be improved once a campaign is activated. This is also the most effective way to increase app downloads. I highly recommend you have a try on this methods.

Boost app ranking in the app store
As we all know that, the higher the ranking in the app store is, the easier the number of app downloads increases. So it’s the key to get success. Here are some effective ways to boost app ranking:

[li]Add the important keyword in App Title - Placing a keyword in the title alone can improve your app’s search ranking by 10.3 percent.[/li][li]Also add keywords in app description.[/li][li]Get keyword search installs - which can boost app ranking in 8~ 10 hours, it’s really the most efficient way to boost app ranking.[/li][li]Gather Traffic and Downloads[/li][li]Increase Engagement and Retention[/li][li]Upgrade Frequently[/li][/ul]

[b]Get app reviews[/b] with high quality
Data show that 95% users prefer to download an app which has much more positive reviews and higher ratings. So if you want to gain more app downloads, you should not forget the help of positive app reviews and high ratings. Buy positive app reviews and high ratings is the most effective way to do this. And remember you should cooperate with the company which can provide real users reviews and ratings.

In conclusion
Developers can choose the strategies according to your time and budget.

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