how to fake your location when uploading your app


What Iam asking for is there is a way to fake my country location when uploading my app to google play store? so that it show up in the search on this country.

Well yes that can be done all you need to do is to use some proxy servers I would say there are a number of free proxy servers available that can help you in masking your real location with some place other ! You can use tools like tor, ultrasurf for that or you can also get paid VPN servers like Cyber Ghost and all… if you have enough $$ :smiley:

Is it necessary to use virtual machine service (vps), or I can use my own pc?

You can use your own PC. Just add proxy or vpn;)

any good proxy or VPN provider list

Well, like @mmmkksss said over here its not necessary to use VMS service over here instead of it you can use your own PC and add proxy or VPN … :slight_smile:


And for income (from adsense-admob) do I have to create another account or I can use my same old account?

Is there a reliable proxy or vpn server provider list you try and find there service reliable?

Hi,could this be done using zenmate plugin for firefox and chrome? any one? it hides your real location

Well, I would say you can use your old account I don’t think that it matters which account you are crediting your earnings ! :slight_smile:

If you want to fake your location, maybe you could consider go to some coffee shop and upload your app. And what do you mean by “so that it show up in the search on this country.”?

Well, I guess what @OP wants to do here is he wants to his country i.e. Say he’s in Rome and while uploading the app he wants to fake his location to Germany and I don’t think he will travel all the way to Germany Coffee shop just to upload his app… :stuck_out_tongue:

this one i need, i will try this technoques

Don’t use public proxies, most companies have a list of public proxies and they know right away, when you use them. Go for a paid solution instead.

I don’t know about it but I don’t think they bother checking where the thing is coming from or … etc ! :wink: Your question do sounds legitimate but I really doubt about it !

I’m telling this from internet marketing experience where people lose their accounts all the time. For examples, if you want to register a fake account on Plenty of Fish for spying on ads, you won’t be able to from a public proxy or VPN - however, if you buy the right kind of proxy, you can create as many accounts as you want, but you need to keep them looking real, otherwise they’ll get you anyway.

Now that’s something serious but let me tell you if anything like this was on the spree then on the Google Play Developer Policies there must be something about it and I can’t see anything mentioned over their which still makes me strong at my point i.e No I doubt about it as you never know google bots are kicking others ass for !