How to enter Japan/Korea/China market

In my first Android App, i supported Japanese,Chinese and Korean languages after lots of manual hard work. But its not paying off at all. Its been 2 weeks and i did not get even single installs from these regions :frowning: .
Though my App is doing good in other countries.

I have published my App on Google Play.

Please suggest how to get downloads from these countries.

Can you PM me your app url. usually translation should help.

but i have already translated these languages.

if you havent translated both, strings.xml and store description, there is not much else you can do but advertise in those countries…

I have Translated string.xml files and Google Page description info for Japan/Korea/China manually(Google Translator). it took me 8 Days including other languages as well. I followed the standard procedure of android and placed corresponding string.xml files into appropriate language code folders like values-jp,values-cn etc
I tested all by changing Locale in my testing device and language reflected very well. but all in vain. No downloads from these regions

I have good downloads from other regions, but not for these 3 countries. Any link or Market name to get downloads there??

the only thing left to do is throw money at it and get downloads!

I can do that. But i am getting good downloads without throwing money in other countries.

What is the surety i will get downloads in japan/china/Korea after throwing money ??

i have heard somewhere in this forum about market links who sells App in these countries.
Any pointers on that will be highly appreciated.

man promotion and marketing is required and buying installs is part of promotion. I think in Facebook, we can select the countries from which we want installs from. Again, I would ask you to share the app link with me or anyone else if you need any constructive help.