How to: easily integrate different services into your application!

Hey guys,

I want to explain you how you can integrate different services like Facebook, Dropbox or Slack into your application.

Why is this important?

In the kind of ever evolving market place that we are now in, it is more important than ever that your application can rapidly add new features. You don’t have to invent the wheel again, there are thousands of great software solutions out there. All you have to do is to leverage those software and integrate them into your application. By doing so you can provide your users a more pleasant user experience and make your application stand out from others.

What is the problem?

Integrating different services also means to deal with all the different APIs since all the services are using their own API which are very often complex and you will need a lot of time to become familiar with all of them. This means you lose time which you could spent on focusing on your core application.

How to solve this issue?

A very simple solution is to use the CloudRail SDK. CloudRail is a completely free developer tool which allows you to combine all the different APIs including all the features you want to only one universal java or android API in only a few steps. By making the process of adding any new integration quick, simple, and easy, you can start ignoring all of the busy work and get on with making simply great applications.

I would love it if you did check it out and let me know any feedback, good or bad!