How to earn hundreds of dollars in Google Play! ASOsecret - last, limited and over!

I left the forum, good bye

ha ha ha ah :slight_smile:

True :wink: it’s last time :smiley: you will see^^

so what you mean last 10 access ?

After last 10 sales, I will close registration, ofcourse I will left site for next 1 year for all buyers. After 31st, sales will be not possible any more. Only for old users.
Yeah, In second topic I see your comment, answer: many people knows these methods but not everyone, my package is also source code, anti ban library and auto translator for Google Play descriptions :wink:

come on, again…

This guy is full of shit. gtfo already with your scam

Honestly this isn’t a scam. The translator alone may be worth 100$ depending on how many Apps you have on the store (if you have many of them)

and if you are a spammer then you may need the translator more then anyone else :smiley:

2/10 - limit

The whole thing is bullshit I bought it when it came out for 100. I already knew 80% of the book. Method for creating Gplay acc doesn’t work in every country. It depends where you are from. Avoiding bans thing requires you to program a firewall on your own. Why would he spam this forum so hard and drop the price to sell this crap instead of spamming playstore with his apps that make sounds.

Why do you not read it, when everything is updated? New methods appeared and now you don’t need to code it yourself, code is on site :expressionless: Before told it crap, just contact with your problem. Many people likes it and they are happy like @DroidGenie :wink:

EDIT: 3/10

Come in dude don’t spam…

4/10 - limit

I have paid 100 dollars for your previous book, and I am still awaiting for the Auto-Translate tool you promised

Contact me via skype lukasz.macczak

last day selling! Last day today!

is there any discount couopn for discount?

sales are closed but you can write to me lukasz.macczak skype and we can deal

You will be banned man :wink: you haven’t any permission to spam my photo everywhere.