How to Earn a Top 10 Keyword Rank in App Store?

Generally speaking, when people discover new apps on the App Store, most of them just browse the top 10 apps. But there are numerous apps on the App Store, it’s a difficult task to rank app to top 10, especially for those keywords which have high traffic and search volumes. Hopefully, we can boost app ranking with the following methods easily.

Target low competition and search volumes keywords
For a new app, you can you can target keywords with low competition and lower search volumes first, which are much easier to rank for. After gaining the initial momentum, start using keywords with higher traffic and reasonable difficulty.

Place the important keywords in the following text fields to increase app ranking
Besides keywords field, you should place the important ones in app title, developer name, the name of in-app purchase items, which are benefical to increase app ranking.

Get keyword search installs
By getting keyword search installs, your app ranking will be boost in hours, highly recommend, the most effecient way to boost app ranking. ASOTOP1 provides this kind of service, they support multiple countires and install types for you to choose from, get your app targeted precisely, if there is no improvement, money back guarantee. If your budget is enough, you can target those keywords which have high traffic and high download rates.

Get app rating
App ratings are an integral part of the ranking algorithm for app searches in both the App Store , those apps which have much more 4/5-star ratings rank much higher other others. What’s more, app ratings play an important role both in determining the likelihood of a potential user to download the app, and as a reflection of current user satisfaction with the app. 94% users would like to download those 4-5 rating apps.

Get positive app reviews
App Store considers positive reviews and good rank as one the key validation for app’s quality and improves its ranking. Apps having good reviews are at the top of the app stores. What;s more, 88% users trust reviews as much as personal recommendations, then the positive app reviews can also increase the download rates efficiently.

Choose the right category
Most apps can fit into a number of different categories and so you will need to decide which one yours will rank in. By making the right choice you can significantly improve app ranking and conversion rates.

Hope those methods are useful to you.