How to Drive People Download Your App Other Than Others'

There are millions of apps on the App Store, there are many choices for users. Then you should give the potential users some reasons to download your app other than others. Follow the following methods to drive people download your app other than others’.

Making your app title, icon, screenshots and video attractive
All the people like beatiful things, so making your app title, icon, screenshots anf video attractive can increase the download rates.

Writing an attractive app description
Generally speaking, most people just browsing the first 3 descritpion, so you should make sure the first 3 lines have the power to attract potential users.

Ranking Higher than competitors
People prefet to download an app which ranks higher than others, the ranking also reflect the quality of an app. To rank higher, getting app installs is a good method, which can boost app ranking in hours.

Get 4/5-star App Rating
Other than looking gorgeous, having a clean 5-star rating gives you the opportunity to impress every audience, In reality, it gives your app a competitive edge to users who are browsing for their perfect app,a single-star jump in app store ratings can mean 340% more downloads. Buyappratingsprovides this kind of service, if you place a rating order, then you can get the same number of installs for free at the same time.

Get positive app reivews
An positive review often relates to increased app downloads. Users will be convinced when they see your app have gained many positive reviews from your former or existing users and choose your app.

Cooperate with influencers
Most people like to follow others and be influenced by the words of influencers. If the influencers recommend your app publicly, then most of their followers will choose your app.

Hope those methods are useful to you.