How to-do apps make money

Hey there!

We are happy to announce a new monetization scheme for Android publishers –

Here we provide a solution what allows you to earn money per installs of all possible Android apps and games. It is particularly well-suited for publishers who knows how to deliver Android users from the Internet and make them to download Android apps. Among them:
· Android apps and games download websites;
· File sharing services;
· Entertainment websites (streamings, mp3 and etc.);
· Adult websites;
· Other websites what can generate Android traffic.

Bellow you can a screenshot of our partner stats with US, UK, German, Indian, Turkish, Brazilian installs in the top.
Screenshot by Lightshot

Please note! Due to our solution originality we don’t provide a detailed information on public. But you are welcome indeed to join us on and send us all the questions you have in Skype.

Skype: bubnovyi