How to disable airpush Google Play Services - Popup

Hello! I recently added airpush to my app and something new and frustrating appeared. When I open my app a popup from the google play services appears and asks the user to confirm some permissions. I’m also using other 5 ad networks in my app and none of them have this popup even if vungle for example uses google play services.
Is there a way to disable it? I’m using Standard SDK 1.0.
I know its a security thing but its also very annoying to the users. (i got some feedback)
All the apps using airpush have this popup? Does anybody know any other apps with this popup?
I sincerely never saw any!:mad:

If you say NO, does it show any ads?

Hi alecstheone,

The Airpush Standard, Bundle 1 and 2 SDKs all contain EULA’s (end user license agreements) for users to opt in to the permissions required to serve ads. For the Standard SDK, if they do not opt in, it will still display ads, but they will not have the enhanced targeting and tracking capabilities given with the additional permissions. For the Bundle 1 SDK, it will be the same situation, but you also won’t receive the pay per download of up to $0.02 per new USA user install and EULA opt in until they do.

Our Universal SDK does not contain a EULA and you can integrate only the banner or smart wall ad types, but this is an older version.

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OK… Thnanks… Its pretty odd, unlike others…
Can you give me some app examples that use this type of permission asking popup?

Here’s a couple good apps that come to mind: