How to create JSON Service fastly through (for prototype and testing apps)

Hi guys,
my name is Fabio Falanga and I want to introduce an idea that I developed with my friend Dario Carella.
Our idea was to create something that could simplify creation of web services could be used in our Android app, which is useful especially in the early stages of developing an app, where you do not yet provide a complete backend .

The idea is to have to devote himself to the Android code omitting start writing the backend of our app (plus point is if you do not have the skills or if you do not have time to make it happen, but you want to present a prototype in short).

Through the portal you can create JSON service accessible from the mobile (or even from the web) in a completely free way. Simply insert the JSON document that you want to use, the name, a description (optional), tags (optional) and save the entry.
Once this is done we will be given a url address containing a token with which we can then make changes to the document, which will be public but not editable by anyone (just who will have the token can do so). In this way you can also create projects in teams. We preferred this approach to prevent users another tedious registration.

Once the insertion, just make an HTTP request from our Android app address (url provided following the creation of Requests must be made in reading as is normal REST through the GET method. In doing so we will have our backend ready to use, according to our specifications and without having to use any programming language, if not the knowledge of the JSON format.

We are open to suggestions of any kind (note that arrray is at a preliminary stage of development, many tasks are already in the queue: P).

I hope that arrray can be useful for the realization of your app with Web Service,

really interested and its about good.
i need more about this