How to convert flash games to android apps

I bought the code of 50 games uploaded here MemRes » Wack a weirdo and my question is how to convert them to android apps ?


Adobe flex can build for android. see if your projects can be imported into flex

how was they?

If your source files are .fla files then open them in Flash Professional and change the settings to publish for AIR for Android.

If the games were developed with Flex/Flash Builder then use that software to open the games and publish them for Android.

Beware, flash games with complicated animations will run very very slow on mobile so you will have a lot of work to do in optimizing them for mobile, like using Stage 3D, Starling or other frameworks.

Also, you should know that there are more and more mobile devices that don’t support Adobe AIR games: they run extremely slow or don’t run at all. Adobe AIR games only work on ARMv7 processors and there are more and more devices that come with Intel Atom x86 processors (Samsung Tab 3 10", Asus Fonepad, etc).

For good porting Flash games to Android you can definitely use Gingee framework - it solves the problem of performance and UI adopting to different resolutions/screen aspect ratios. You can find more at

I’ve just released a platform that allows you to convert your flash game into Android applications. The site include a dashboard with a built in ad-serving portal so you’ll start earning revenue immediately.

It’s free to use and extremely user friendly. You can also create live wallpapers and ringtone apps.


Best of luck