How to choose the links in Deep linking?

2 links, a description and a title are used when implementing deep linking.
A link in the intent-filter in the manifest file is used. Another link, the title for the app and its description is used in the activity for the app.
How does these links determine and affect the search words, which the deep linking generates? How should I choose these links?

Does the text and the meta-information in the headers for the linked pages affect this search result?

I have received info about this, since I have released an app. I can now find it through deep linking on Google.But what I wonder now is how to optimize the description in the deep link?

I just added the app description from Google play. Can this be optimized further? Is it a good idea to add the product description translated in more languages to the deep link? Or should the text in the deep link not be too long?

deep linking actually help aso ranking?

How would you use deep linking for a game?
Deep links are meant to be used as a link to more content in your app e.g. a direct link to a recipe in your cooking app.
But what would you link to in a game…

Yes, I think it can help ASO ranking. People who search for certain words will now see an install button for the apps that I have with deep linking. I don’t know if this generates enough installs to be worth the effort yet. Here is Google’s info about it: