How to check a single country rankings ?

Hello there,

I want to make a paid marketing to one of my apps, and I want to target one or two countries, and I want to check if I got into the “Top new free” section, how can you see that in other countries, because my device will only show the ranking of my country.

Thanks. - here you go :wink: tool to check all top new free sections

I think this is the best site to check it! Youd can find here everything that you need about your app! Some functions are paid but still main features are free!

Thanks guys, actually I used to use appannie, but the thing is that I want to check the whole market for some countries, for example I want to see who are my competitors there, or what is trending, not only my app’s ranking.

You can check rankings for any app using appannie and you can even see the top new lists for all the countries:

App Annie App Store Data | Google Play Top Charts United States - Jan 27, 2014

now we’re talking ! what a great tool ! thanks guys