How to Build an Ad Publishing Company?

I have a number of ideas I’d like to take advantage of by creating my own ad publishing network similar to Revmob, Chartboost, Aaarki etc.

I am unsure exactly of what the steps I need to follow are and I would love any input I could get from the community. If anyone finds this thread and is also looking for more information I have found the news site AdExchanger’s resources page to be quite invaluable.

My questions are: Does using OpenX to serve ads to my SDK/Customers App make sense? If not, please explain a better methodology for monetization. =D

thanks in advance!

You can use mAdserve - Open Source Mobile Ad Server better for mobile. But it’s stop development now (they belong to Mobfox) and you must do it yourself.

If OpenX and google’s DoubleClick aren’t good for adserving, what is it that they are good for?