How to boost your app with app2top in proper way ;) LITTLE TIP

Many of you, are using app2top with incorect way, I know cheaper and better method:

  1. Register in app2top - my affiliate link App2Top - promote android games and apps, rating, reviews, installs, downloads if you don’t want to thx me for this little tip, just cut off it :wink:

  2. Don’t create automatic campaing from your dashboard

  3. Enter:
    It’s hidden option, where:

    • you can add reviews manual from your txt file, perfect for ASO put your keywords inside
    • manual reviews are cheaper, not 0,25$ but 0,20$ :wink:

I dont use review sites, to me it is just a waste of money, and Google eventally finds out and bans your apps/account. I just publish extra apps and get all organic installs. You can also publish app to opera to get a little boosted start from installs from opera. Opera will make users download from play store.

Can you please explain how will Opera make users download my app from play store?
I published my app to opera yesterday. How to measure this?

nice tip
thank you ramzixp

It redirects user to gp store. However the stats of opera for downloads are inflated, because they count each click as download, but they dont confirm if user really downloaded it in gp.

Opera have a long time to accept our apps ;/