How to Boost App Downloads in a Short Time?

The world of mobile apps is highly competitive. There are thousands of apps hitting app stores every daySo, how do you market your app to get much more downloads? Here are 3 best marketing strategies to boost your app downloads in a short time.

Get Featured On Mobile App Review Sites
Getting app review sites to review your app is one of the most important marketing steps for any new app. Since these review sites receive huge traffic, large number of people will learn about your app from such sites, thereby, boosting your app downloads. Moreover, getting reviewed by a highly ranked app review site yields SEO benefits for your app’s website. If you get featured on The Next Web, you can expect tens of thousands of unique visitors in the first 24 hours to hit your website and your app store page. If you get reviewed by a popular app blog like AppAdvice, you can expect a similar amount of traffic to flow through to your website and App Store listing. There are many sites you can submit your app, such as cnet,mashable, techrunch, app advice, appbrain,etc.

Apply for Awards
Participating in app awards is the most recommended channel, it can give you tons of press, exposure, reviews and plenty of downloads. There are tons of organizations that give prizes to new, innovative applications for their functionality, design, and so on, such as Appy Awards, Best App Ever Awards, AppCircus competition, Apple Design Awards, Appsters Awards,etc.

Buy Keword Search Installs
[b]Buy keyword search installs[/b], which can boost your app ranking in 8~ 10 hours, it’s really worth to have a try, because data shows that about 65% users download an app by search in the app stores, the higher the ranking in the app store is, the easier the number of app downloads increases. I highly recommend you make full use of it.

Cooperate with influencers
Influencers are individuals with the power to influence the buying and engagement decisions of a certain group of people. These people may include influential bloggers, newspaper journalists, professional tech writers in social network like Facebook or Twitter.

Hope the 4 methods are useful to you.