How to block app & game ads in Admob?

Hi :slight_smile:

I know how and where to block but I can’t seem to find which specific category to block ads like in the picture below…

Is it under
Telephony → Mobile Phones & Accessories ?? ???

To use Adsense - Ads Center. Use Filter to search for trash: “qihoo”, “apusapps”, “zeroteam”, “dianxinos”, “cleanmaster”

I think that is only applicable specifically for adsense? I only have admob account and when I go to adsense dashboard the ad center is empty.

Before first use you need to enable Center and wait for its completion (few days?)
I have an account on AdMob for Android and long filter the trash

Ahhh okay… I will wait for few days to see what will appear there… :smiley: thanks!

Is there any way to find out which ads perform bad and block them properly?
In google Adsense you can only filter category results. Those are Rich Media, Animated Image, Image, Text, Flash and Video, but you can’t block them by those categories. In the review center you can see which ads get shown most often, but there is absolutely no transparency about CTR oder ecpm of those ads. Without that information the whole feature is worthless.

You can block specific ad in the ad center… see below I want to block apus app.

I know. But without knowing how high the CPC and CTR is on those ads I can’t just block them. it might result in less money in the end.

You have the point… hehe