How to block Admob for a country?

Dear all,

Please help me, how to block Admob with a country. Do not allow admob display in one country that i want?
For example i don’t want my application display admob when it has downloaded from Japan.

Try detecting the country using either LocationManager or TelephonyManager and then simply don’t show an AdMob advert for those countries on your list that you detect.


That is good idea, but it will require more permission. Is there anyway that don’t need more permission?

I believe there is one way theoretically

1)Create house ad targeted for countries you don’t want to show ads
2)Add your house ad in mediation , set it to top priority for that country
3)Set limit of impressions on your house ad so that let’s say after 10 impressions house ad will not show
4)and ultimately no ads will be shown for that country

I have read above approach somewhere on admob group on google so you may try it out