How to benefit from ASO?

Most app developers would like to upload their apps in app stores to get more installs and revenues, while the main task for them is to make their apps more visible in app stores so that the audiences can find and install them easily. App store optimization(ASO) is just an effective method to increase the exposure rate of your app and boost your app ranking in app stores.

What is ASO?

ASO is the abbreviation of app store optimization, which is a process of optimizing your app to make it more visible and discoverable in app stores so that users are more likely to choose it from millions of other apps.

why is the ASO important?

Just like the SEO is important for websites, the ASO is essential for app stores. In fact, searching in app stores is the main traffic sources of app, 73% app installs is through searching app in app stores. With the other channels of installing app become increasingly weak, app store optimization plays an important part.

The goal of ASO:

The result of ASO is that your app will be found easily by your customers who have interests in your app, and they will provide you assurance that they will no longer need to install other apps. Following 5 factors are the details of the goal of ASO:

[li]find the targeted users
[/li][li]improve the value of your app
[/li][li]increase the coverage rate of app keywords
[/li][li]increase the search ranking of app keywords
[/li][li]Boost app ranking and get more installs

The influence factors of ASO:

When app owners promote an app, there are many factors affecting the results. We should be clear on these elements and find a appropriate method to optimize your app:

bthe name of app[/b]: an attractive app name is the first thing that you should think about, if you add an appealing subtitle in your app, the value of your app will be increased accordingly.

bthe icon of app[/b]: the app icon should be combined with the characteristics of app features. You can imitate the icons of competitors and design a special icon for your app.

bthe description of app[/b]: the keywords of description are likely to be shown at the results of search engine. Therefore, you should embedded main target keywords subtly in description. Also, the first few lines are very important to attract audiences to read more information of your app.

bthe keywords[/b]: it is self-evident that creating some appropriate keywords is significant for app promotion.If the ranking of keywords improved, the installs of your app would be increased, too.

b the screenshots of app[/b]: although almost no one will be reading the content of the app description, but certainly someone will see screenshots of your app. The first two screenshots is the key to catch the attention of audiences. If the screenshots are not attractive enough, it is more likely to lose many potential users.

b the reviews and ratings[/b]: the responses of users include many useful information of your app, which can reveal the weakness of your app so that you can optimize your app according to these feedback. You can get positive reviews by inviting your friends to leave and buying app reviews from a reliable app reviews provider.

b the keywords search installs[/b]: there is a certain relation between keywords search installs and ASO, but it doesn’t means that more installs is acceptable, you must control the quantity of it.

What should you do for ASO:

b learn about your app[/b]: you must learn about your app clearly, knowing about the keywords of your app and finding their influences and rankings of these keywords( you can use some searching keywords tools to help you). Also, you can learn about the function of your app clearly and find the targeted audiences.

banalyze your competitors[/b]: the competitors’ work are very important for you to optimize your app, because you can learn about some useful information that you can’t discover in your app.

bdesign a right goal[/b]: finding the right development direction and targeted users are important process before doing ASO work.

bcollaborate with a reliable ASO company[/b]: If you have limited time or effort to promote your app, you can cooperate with a professional ASO company to help you, communicating with the agent of ASO frequently and trust them fully if you have enough budget, which can boost your app ranking and increase the installs of your app fast and effectively.

In conclusion

ASO severs as an indispensable tool to optimize apps in app stores, just do one or two factors that mentioned above is not enough, you should combine all these strategies if you want to increase the chances of boost your app ranking in app stores.