How to attach supporting document to FreeTaxUSA e-filed return?


I’m filing my federal tax return using FreeTaxUSA and I found their FAQ explaining how to attach a document to an e-filed return: … q_id=10243

However, I don’t actually see the attach document option mentioned.

To be more specific, I have a claim of right credit that I am claiming and I would like to attach supporting evidence for this credit. I had a claim of right credit last year and by failing to provide supporting evidence when filing, I had to submit through the mail after receiving a letter from the IRS. This delayed my return by several months.

Does anyone know how to attach the documents to my return in FreeTaxUSA? Or perhaps another way to make sure my return isn’t delayed this year.

I have no such screen. It says e-filed (past tense), maybe the option doesn’t appear until after you file? Seems unlikely.

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