How To - Android Game Developement

Hi Friends,

I’m a beginner in android developement and looking for an easy yet effective method to create android games. Not high end and heavy graphcis games - just plain simple physics/puzzle/light graphics sort of games.

Please share your android gaming tactis so that we all can learn something. Please share which tool/method/strategy you use while developing android games.


I create my recent game with libgdx. The library includes graphics, box2d physics, input, sound,… all you need for a simple game. and you can test your game directly on your desktop.

Thanks for replying Wolfgang. Will definitely look into this.

Any other suggestions friends ?


I am making a go with Flash embedded in an AIR container. There is a large Flash community for support, all the necessary tools are free, and the app will be portable between many devices as well as the web and as a standalone app.
Flash is not my favorite platform to develop for, but I’ve found the above benefits to be compelling enough to go pursue this route.