how to adbuddiz ad network ?

hi i want to use adbuddiz ad network but Do you recommend ? Does it revenues good ?

you have 4 threads on the main page already.

Use mobilecore, appnext, startapp - these are the ones that you can trust and will give you revenue.

And anyway, if you have traffic, you will earn money. Or you will know how well a network is by trying it for couple days

@1158furkan Diversifying the ad networks on your app and testing each one will give you a good idea of what networks work best. You could try TapIt by Phunware and see what results you get - we usually see anywhere from $0.50-$4.00. TapIt’s advertising SDK comes with free alerts, notifications and analytics if you are interested in having those features available to you.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions!

Hi 1158furkan,

I’m Clara from AdBuddiz, our SDK is really quick and easy to integrate, it’s only 2 lines of code :slight_smile:
Our advertisers currently have really good payouts!

Are your apps games? If so we may be able to promote them on Giftiz for free (which features the best games on Goole Play) provided that you use Adbuddiz as your primary ad solution. It would give you the potential for thousands of new installs for your game.

FYI if your apps are not games you can still use AdBuddiz as we have campaigns in all fields :slight_smile:

If you would like more information please contact me on [email protected]
I would be happy to help.