How to A/B test your Google Play page and increase CRV

Would be great to receive your feedback on SplitMetrics - a tool to increase conversion for your Google Play page.

A/B tests support:

  • video preview (see if the video increases conversion for your app/game)
  • icon (which icon is the most converting)
  • screenshots (find the best screenshots for your app and right order for them)
  • description (Call to action increases conversion by 135%)
  • ‘read more’ button (Learn if you need to put much efforts into writing)

This optimisation increases the number of organic downloads and makes your advertisement and UA campaigns more profitable
The value of the service is high for the app publishers who want to:

  • check what element is more important to your app page
  • know what combination works better to you
  • increase the amount or organic install
  • optimise (decrease) CPI
  • improve ROI

Please let me know what you think of the solution. Register free at SplitMetrics

Nice, registered just now. Will post feedback soon.

added team accounts to easily share experiments details… pm me for details or register at Split Metrics | Increase conversion & optimize you mobile app store page. Free A/B testing tool for ASO

The entire point of A/B testing is to find out how your customers react to different landing pages and find the most optimized page.

great news - you can now A/B test games of apps that are not live yet. by doing so you are able to get ready to the release and make sure you have all assets optimized to a proper level.

more details at