How this type of game is called?

Hey guys i made an Android game where random buttons flash in a certain order, and the player has to tap them in this order. First round 1 button, second round 2 buttons, 3rd round 3 buttons, …

The problem now is, that I don’t know how the heck this sort of game was called. Would be great if you helped me >.< xD

There was a popular toy in the 80’s like this called Simon (Simon says). I’ve also heard the game called just Memory.

I would call it a brain game or memory game.

Thanks guys, even I think Memory was this game where you had to remember the backside of animal-pictures, I think I will call it like that as it sounds good as well.

This will be another 5-hour-development flop that gives me $1 per day anyway :smiley:

you could sell it as template, pm me.