How not get my google play account banned?

Hi, can some one tell to all users what not to do to get goolgle acount banned? can someoneshare his list?
It will be very helpfull to all.
Thank you!

Don’t violate any Google policies.

Yes, but we know that google have More strict action about certain things and less strict about other things, for example if I have an app on celebrities and put their picture, so I do not see Google takes care of it and in second hand there are things Google is very careful, so it will be very helpfull to have the list of the most important things that we have to avoid.

Google policies basically cover only important things. And the celebrities thing will get you banned sooner or later.

Thank you very much! if i put only links to web site of the celeb + his youtube and some more account - does it can be banned? for what?
or i am in safe place for that?

I don’t know.

Be very careful to follow Google Play policies. When it comes to monetization, you need to be careful who you work with. If you choose the wrong ad network, then you could potentially lose your app and all of your users because of Google’s suspension rules. Certain ad formats are not allowed on the Google Play Store while others are just fine. It’s important that you speak with an account manager at your ad network to ensure that you are in control of which types of ads and ad formats are being served. If you have further questions regarding this matter, feel free to contact me. I am happy to help.

What if we are using multiple play store accounts, whats to best practice to manage those accounts ? I have heard people use VPN, but how ? Suppose if we want to run 4 google play accounts so do we need to use 4 different internet connection devices(but paying to 4 different internet plans will become costly)?

Don’ click on Ads yourself.

i am intrested in it also

Me too want to know